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Ever since trade and commerce emerged into civilisation hordes of merchants have garnered efforts to become middlemen of choice in the supply chain kingdom. In this battle for supremacy middlemen have employed various tactics and strategies that included traditional methods such as constant price wars. Over time only the fittest and smartest survived the battle for trust and confidence.

As a resourceful warrior of this middle kingdom, GOLAA has a different war drum beat and has taken an astute approach to stay relevant and ahead of the rest. Firstly, GOLAA strategies itself beyond being just a middleman, but a product and brand engineer.


GOLAA empowers manufacturers as strategic partners to conquer new territories and customers with product exclusivity, product re-engineering, marketing superiority, design support and continuous product development.

In the distribution battlefield, GOLAA unites channel partners and open new paths across borders and networks with exclusive brands and products that meet their market demands.  

GOLAA’s approach is seen as unconventional in the middle kingdom, and it is rightly so. GOLAA believes in forgoing high margins and focus on developing long-term relationships with manufacturers and distributors by helping them mitigate developmental costs and time, and intensive, extensive knowhow inventory.   

Hence, for manufacturers and distributors to win the war in the supply chain there is no better option than to foster a win-win partnership with the unmatched warrior of the middle kingdom, GOLAA.


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