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    6 pcs KoBens V101 Colour-Coded Kitchen Cloth ( 3 colours in a box)

    • Cloth Size 30 cm x 60 cm
      Quantity 6 pcs / box 
      Cloth Material Non Woven


      Blue, Green, Red ( 3 colours in a box )
      Packaging Size 170 x 170 x 50 mm
      Package 6 pcs x 1 box


      Kobens V101 Colour Coded Kitchen Cloth, available in 6s box packaging.


      Packed in 3 colours ( blue, red and green ) per box.


      It is designed to prevent cross-contamination in the home kitchen as you can now assign 1 colour cloth to each task.


      It is highly absorbent, heavy-duty and reusable.

    • 6 pcs ( 3 colours in a box )





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