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ESG policy image of Golaa

ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) is a prevalent and current topic everywhere. And GOLAA (formerly known as FOCC ASIA) has been focusing on building similar initiatives or business focus since 2015. With determination and momentum, we strongly believe what we have learned from the past will help us create an ecosystem of products and operations that are ESG-friendly in due course.


Being a brand and product creation and reengineering company, it is in GOLAA’s heritage that our products are made highly sustainable and eco-friendlier in their essence. Creating and launching product from managed plantations, particularly with materials compliant to FSC certification, has always been our core focus throughout the past decade.


GOLAA will continue to learn and explore various ways and means to ensure that new and existing products are optimised with carbon-neutral, eco-friendly yet affordable characteristics. This is despite markets being “environmentally ready” while business operators still encountering challenges in finding a balance between fair product cost and eco-friendly investment.


GOLAA’s integrated supply-chain involves manufacturers, distributors, professionals, designers, marketers, operators, administrators, retailers and end-users all under one unique eco-system. Nurturing a trustworthy, transparent and responsible business code of ethics will ensure everyone benefits from the group efforts with minimum conflict and with true spirit of working together.

Our continuing mission to enhance our brands, products and services to near perfection, be it in product safety, quality, user-friendliness or presentation, is another obvious commitment and responsible of GOLAA in bringing the best possible end-products to society.


We believe that failure will surface wherever and whenever cheating begins. Hence, it has been GOLAA’s core value to ensure that standard operating procedures are always in place, with proper checks and balances at every possible stage, product specifications and international quality standards adhered to local laws followed and that requirements of all stakeholders are met with improve transparency throughout the processes.

Our ongoing improvement and enhancement on the whole process has slowly transformed GOLAA into an entity that has its own legal framework that not only satisfies internal requirements, but also earmarking itself as an operational benchmark for our future business partners to follow. All these have allowed GOLAA to successfully network with partners in over 6 countries and with over 20 production partners for over a decade. This is a true testament of our successful self-governance that will inspire us to continue learning and drive us towards near perfection.

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