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Brand Partners

Freshening Singapore
  • Established in Singapore in 1994, the HQ of Freshening Malaysia, managed

  • ISO 9001, GMP and ISO 13485 Medical Device manufacturer certified

  • Leading manufacturer of wet wipes for the F&B, hospitality, retail and healthcare sectors,

  • Sold across more than 37 countries, with production facilities in Singapore, Indonesia and China

  • network’s primary source of much sort-after wet wipes, particularly for the Malaysia market.

Kobens Logo
Hagen's Logo

From Copenhagen to Asia

  • Brands conceptualised and inspired at Copenhagen’ Bella Center from 2008 with “Re-engineering To Near Perfection” as the brand philosophy.

  • Only products of high standards and premium presentation with genuine quality compliance, reliability, consistency, origin traceability and packaging protection qualify to carry the Hagen’s and KoBens brand.

  • With more innovative and justly priced quality products coming on-board, Southeast Asia consumers will look forward to exciting opportunities to enhance their quality life further.

Jishins Japan

Artisan Quality For Everyday Life

  • Jishins, which means ‘confidence’ in Japanese, was conceptualised in 2018 in Shanghai by a group of Japanese cultural enthusiasts who were passionate about the distinctive artistry of Japanese craftsmanship.

  • The brand aims to promote, expand, preserve and share the aesthetic values, intricacies and timeless craftsmanship of fairly priced unique products created from sustainably sourced raw materials from China, Japan, Korea and surrounding areas.

  • Our aim is to cater to the new wave artistic conscience of the markets and will continue to source and make available such life-enriching creations of quality and refinement.      

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