About Our Transformation

Back in 2006, Freshening Malaysia, a subsidiary of the Freshening Singapore Group with focus on the production and distribution of wet wipes, set on an expansion plan by moving its production facilities to China and initiated a new product expansion program in 2015, which saw over 10 brands secured and distributed successfully across six countries.

With our record of successes, we adopted a new name, GOLAA.com. This now represents our new taskforce and platform dedicated to the development, renewal and management of brands and products for the group. It also provides  these services to our large pool of restaurants, hotels, hospitals, corporate and retail businesses as well as GOLAA’s wholesale partners across 6 countries, with more countries coming on board. 


GOLAA is probably the only one-stop platform that offers manufacturers, traders and business owners professional services at zero cost from ‘source to market’ with product or design upgrades and supply-chain management. We aim to welcome more business partners on board and work hand-in-hand to create high-quality, fairly-priced products that can be market-ready faster, that cuts high product development costs, long development timelines and multiple resources.


Contact us today.  We assure you a whole new world of experience in brand and design management, product sourcing and supply-chain management. 

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