Pursuing Excellence Since 2006

Back in 2006, Freshening Malaysia, a subsidiary of the Freshening Singapore Group with focus on the production and distribution of wet wipes, set on an expansion plan by moving its production facilities to China and initiated an in-house product creation service in 2015, which saw over 170 new products created and distributed successfully across six countries.


In view of this track record, it took on a new name GOLAA.COM to define itself as a unique platform that innovatively integrates the product life cycle supply chain by empowering the combined professionalism and shared services of over twenty production partners and a wholesale network across more than six countries.


GOLAA.COM is probably the 1st and ONLY product incubator that offers traders and business owners zero-cost professional services from source to market and continues to pursue a path of excellence.


GOLAA.COM aims to work hand-in-hand with more business partners coming onboard to create high quality, fairly priced products that can be market-ready at a much faster pace, without incurring the burden of high product development cost, time and other resources.


We invite you to join us and unlock the potential of this unique win-win proposition.