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Evolving With Transformation

Back in 2006, Freshening Malaysia, a subsidiary of the Freshening Singapore Group with focus on the production and distribution of wet wipes, set on an expansion plan by moving its production facilities to China. In 2015, a new product expansion program was initiated. This evolution brought the development of over 10 brands which had a successful distribution across six countries.

With confidence in a record of successes over the decades, we adopted a new name, now represents our new taskforce and platform dedicated to the development, renewal and management of brands and products for the Group. Currently we supply to a large pool of restaurants, hotels, hospitals, corporate, retail distributors and businesses, as well as work in collaboration with our wholesale partners across 6 countries and with more countries to come. welcomes more business partners on board, to work hand-in-hand to market high-quality, fairly-priced products that can be market-ready faster. Ultimately cutting out high product development costs, long development timelines and multiple resources.



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