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Evolving With Transformation

"…dedicated to the development, renewal and management of brands and products...we supply to a large pool of restaurants, hotels, hospitals, corporate, retail distributors and businesses .... with our wholesale partners across 6 countries …"

Established in 2006, Freshening Industries (M) Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of the Freshening Singapore Group, focusing on the production and distribution of wet wipes. In 2015, to expand our operations, we relocated our production facilities to China and concurrently launched a new product expansion program. This shift led to the development of over 7 brands, which were successfully distributed across six countries.

With confidence in a record of successes over the decade, we adopted a new name, now represents our new direction and platform dedicated to the development, renewal and management of brands and products for the Southeast Asia market. Presently, we cater to a large number of distribution partners servicing industries such as F&B, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, supermarkets, and commercial institutions. Additionally, we have strategically collaborated with partners from four countries to establish joint brand markets, with plans to expand into more countries in the future. welcomes more brands, factories, and business partners to join us in developing and promoting new products of high quality and fair pricing, facilitating faster entry into the Southeast Asian market. Together, we can reduce the high costs and lengthy development cycles associated with product development, while effectively integrating resources from various avenues.


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