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HospiCare General Nursing Gown

  • AAMI Level 2


    Product Description:

    • HospiCare General Nursing Gown, AAMI Level 2 is made up of soft and breathable material for maximum comfort. They are intended to provide provides a barrier to “large” amounts of fluid in low-risk situation, comparing to level 1 nursing gowns. It is ideal for food service, lab, nursing, maintenance, emergencies and Intensive Care Unit.

    Key Performance:

    • Light weight, comfort fit, single use
    • Designed to snugly fit most body shapes and sizes
    • Knitted cuffs, with ties on neck and         waist


    • For optimal protection as a barrier to “larger” amounts of fluid penetration in low-risk situations

    Application Method:

    • Step 1: Wash hands thoroughly
    • Step 2: Put on isolation gown before entering minimal risk situations
    • Step 3: Fully cover your torso from neck to knees and arms to the end of wrists
    • Step 4: Tie the isolation gown at the back
    • Step 5: Fasten at the back of the neck and waist


    • Medical Care Accessories


    • Store carton box in a cool and dry environment.


    • This is for external use only. Skin irritation is uncommon, but should the reaction occur discontinue use immediately. Discard used gown in the trash.


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