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Glove allergies explained
Common allergy issues with non-latex gloves :

Petroleum accelerator allergies:

Petroleum based accelerators that are used to create vinyl can cause allergic reactions to individuals, but rarely.

Residual substances on hands:

Certain residual substances on hands, such as detergents or lotions, may not cause irritations. However, some individuals may experience irritations as wearing gloves exert some contact pressure between these residual substances and their skin.  

Glove ventilation: 

Skin irritation may occur due to sweating and glove breathability when gloves are worn. Use a glove with higher degree of breathability as an alternative

Intended wear time:

Gloves have a specific intended wearing time span. If it is worn longer than intended, glove compound deterioration may occur and cause irritation to skin.

Allergic hand
Allergic Hand

Are non-latex glove allergies common?

Comparatively non-existent compared with latex gloves. In cases of allergies, it is generally due to perspiration and lack of breathability.

What are the common symptoms of latex glove allergies?

Symptoms may vary according to individual. Amongst the common symptoms include: itchy red rash, may have small blisters; often hives with itchy raised red bumps and swelling. In severe cases, cracks may appear and cause bleeding and infection. 

How to treat or overcome latex glove allergies?

Amongst the solutions: use powder-free gloves; use gloves with a higher degree of breathability; change gloves more frequently; use gloves that are not too tight or small to fit your hands; for those with high sensitivity to additives, use accelerator-free gloves.

Latex-Free Gloves
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