Using ordinary kitchen paper towels? Think twice about FOOD SAFETY!

Updated: Feb 16

After we fry food, we try to discard excess oil by placing the fried food on kitchen paper towel while it cools down. You can visually see that excess oil is being absorbed by the towel. Unfortunately, it is not just excess oil that flows onto the kitchen paper towel. Chemicals from the kitchen paper towel also flows the other way round onto the food. Hence, it is not safe for handling food.

Think twice whether it is safe to leave fried food on a kitchen towel. Is there a trusted manufacturer who can assure you that the kitchen paper towel you use is safe for food handling? Find out more.

What do gourmet professionals use?

Gourmet Professionals use Jishins Oil Absorbent Gourmet Paper.

Why? Because it has been tested and complies to US FDA food safety standards. Has superb absorbency of excess oil and fluids from raw and cooked food. It helps preserve food freshness. And effectively filters off cooking oil residues.

Take a look at its excellent non-stick properties compared to ordinary brands.

Compare the differences!

Jishins Oil Absorbing Gourmet Paper

​Ordinary Kitchen Paper Towel

Compliant to US Food & Drug Administration Center (FDA) food contact safety guidelines.

Most ordinary kitchen paper towels are not certified food safe.